About the Journal

Aim & Scope: The Journal of Literacy and Urban schools is a peer-reviewed publication of the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers. This open-access journal publishes research reports, integrative reviews, research articles, critical reviews, research-practice lesson plans, essays, commentaries, children’s book reviews, interviews, letters to the editors, and special theme issues. Scholars, researchers, and teachers who want to publish literacy research and classroom practice with a focus on PreK-Grade 5 classrooms in urban settings. The journal of literacy and urban schools focuses on topics which include culturally relevant pedagogy and texts, urban schools, and a focus on cultural and racial diversity in urban settings. The special theme issues will introduce new paradigms, theories, reexamination of practices, focus on populations rarely discussed within the research literature, and nontraditional learning settings. The research frameworks for this journal include qualitative and nontraditional research frameworks.

Publication Frequency: The journal publishes themed issues twice per year (Fall & Spring). Special theme issues are published each summer.